UBCIC Supports Ktunaxa Nation’s Efforts to Protect Qat’muk

News Release. December 3, 2012
(Coast Salish Territory/Vancouver, B.C. – December 3, 2012) The Union of BC Indian Chiefs completely and fully supports the efforts of the Ktunaxa Nation to ensure that their Aboriginal Title and Rights are honoured and preserved as stated in the Qat’muk Declaration.

“The UBCIC Chiefs Council passed Resolution 2011-55 which declared their support of the Ktunaxa Nation’s right to protect their lands in Qat’muk,” said Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, President of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs. “The Ktunaxa have continually stated Qat’muk is of extreme cultural and spiritual value and as such they must oppose the execution of the Jumbo Glacier Resort Master Development Agreement. The provincial decision to approve the Development Agreement and the recent provincial cabinet’s order-in-council to create and then grant municipal status to the proposed resort is an appalling demonstration of this government’s approach to consultation with First Nations.”

The Qat’muk Declaration, signed by the Ktunaxa Nation Council on November 15, 2010, clearly sets out the Ktunaxa Nation’s connection to the Qat’muk, proclaims a framework for its protection, identifies stewardship principles, and sets out the Ktunaxa Nation’s intent to prepare a management plan in consultation with other governments and stakeholders.

Grand Chief Phillip stated “Last week, the Ktunaxa Nation was forced to seek a declaration and an order from the Supreme Court of British Columbia to defend against the actions of the provincial government and proponents of the Jumbo Glacier Resort. The Ktunaxa have acted honourably on behalf of their families and refuse to put their beliefs and their territory at risk. As Indigenous Peoples, we will stand with them to protect the rightful inheritance of their future generations.”

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