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Living Proof: The essential data-collection guide for Indigenous use-and-occupancy map surveys

Stolen Lands, Broken Promises: Researching the Indian Land Question in British Columbia (Second Edition)

UBCIC Conference Proceedings
Information about and proceedings from UBCIC conferences, including Protecting Knowledge: Traditional Resource Rights in the New Millennium (2000) and Implementing Delgamuuk'w: Legal Implications for Aboriginal Title Research (1999)

UBCIC Publications
A select list of UBCIC publications

UBCIC Posters
Virtual exhibit of graphic materials produced by UBCIC

UBCIC Digital Collections
Access to and information about UBCIC digital collections

Our Homes are Bleeding Digital Collection
Collection numérique Nos foyers saignent
Collection related to the cut-off lands in British Columbia

Report of the Royal Commission on Indian Affairs for the Province of British Columbia (McKenna McBride Final Report)

First Nations Digital Document Source
hosted by UBCIC

Unity: Bulletin of the British Columbia Indian Chiefs
Digital collection of UBCIC newsletters 1970-1971

Nesika: The Voice of B.C. Indians
Digital collection of UBCIC newsletters 1972-1977

Digital collection of UBCIC newsletters 1977-1980

Indian World: The Choice Is Ours
Digital collection of UBCIC newsletters 1979-1983

UBCIC Up-date, Newsletter and News
Digital collection of UBCIC newsletters 1985-2002

UBCIC Photographs
Digital collection of UBCIC Photographs

Historical Timeline
From the 1700s to the Present

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