Our Flag

An Indigenous Flag To Tell Our Nations' Story


The Colours

The white represents the purity of our land base where equality and respect for all life forms exists. The white center of the flag also allows a Band to place their  insignia within. The red colour symbolizes our people and signifies the common bond between mankind and all creations by blood. The colour blue symbolizes the universe of which we, as Indigenous Peoples, are a part.

The Arrows

The arrows of the flag represent us, as Indigenous Peoples, determined to seek and achieve more authority through our Indigenous Laws and Governments to govern ourselves. The arrow represents the power within each one of us which must be used to safeguard our homelands and ensure and future for our children.

The number four is a sacred number. It recognizes the four directions, the four divisions of time, the four seasons. The four arrows in the flag represent the four elements of life. (the sun, the water, the land, and the air.)

The Circle

The circle represents the boundaries of our territories. The seasons move in circles and our dances are reflected by a circular shape and follow the path of the sun. We continue to represent ourselves with the circle and practice our ways, so the sacred circle heals and the people will become whole again, building up their Indigenous Laws and Governments.

UBCIC is a NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.