First Nations and the Harmonized Sales Tax

Online resources - Updated July 4, 2011


UBCIC Submission to Independent Panel Analysis of HST Initiative Vote - March 16, 2011


Backgrounder on Harmonized Sales Tax and BC First Nations - July 1, 2010 

Merle Alexander "Harmonized Sales Tax and BC First Nations" - September 17, 2009


UBCIC Resolution 2011-21 "UBCIC Rejection of HST"

UBCIC Resolution 2010-43 "UBCIC HST Committee Terms of Reference"

UBCIC Resolution 2010-21 "Support for Legal Challenge to Implementation of HST" 

UBCIC Resolution 2009-51 "Appointment to the HST Committee" 

UBCIC Resolution 2009-41 "Support for work regarding Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) and related Tax Matters" 

FNS Resolution #0610.09 "Support for the Campaign Against the HST"

AFN Resolution no. 32/2009 "Imposition of Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) on First Nations

Updates and Press Releases 

UBCIC Chiefs Council Rejects HST. Vote Yes to Extinguish the HST - July 4, 2011 

Update from the UBCIC HST Committee - June 1, 2011

Union of BC Indian Chiefs Starts Dialogue with BC Finance Minister Hansen on HST - June 25, 2010 

Update: Anti-HST Sentiment in Liberal Ridings - June 17, 2010 

HST- A Failure to Communicate - June 8, 2010 

Briefing Note: Background and Update on UBCIC's HST Work - June 3, 2010 

Statement from UBCIC on HST: Message of Support for Ontario First Nations' Opposition - March 10, 2010 

Union of BC Indian Chiefs Opposes Unilateral Implementation of Harmonized Sales Tax - November 26, 2009 

Update from the UBCIC HST Committee - November 18, 2009

Correspondence- UBCIC 

Letter to Minister Falcon - March 18, 2011

Letter to Minister Hansen - November 20, 2010

Letter to Minister Hansen - June 30, 2010 

Letter from Minister Hansen - May 14, 2010

Letter from Minister Hansen Response to Letter to MLAs - May 14, 2010

Letter to Minister Hansen and Minister Flaherty - May 12, 2010 

Letter to MLAs - April 20, 2010 

Letter from Minister Keith Ashfield - February 19, 2010 

Letter from Minister Flaherty - January 22, 2010 

Letter from Hon. Keith Martin - January 18, 2010 

Letter to Minister Hansen - December 16, 2009 

Letter from Minister Hansen - December 11, 2010 

Letter to Minister Flaherty and Minister Blackburn - December 2, 2009 

Letter from Minister Flaherty - November 19, 2009 

Letter to Minister Flaherty and Minister Hansen - October 22, 2009

Correspondence from Government to UBCIC

Email response from Minister Falcon - April 15, 2011


Merle Alexander and Jeffrey Glasner, Boughton Law "Effects of Harmonized Sales Tax on British Columbia First Nations" 

Aboriginal Financial Officers Association BC - "Application of GST/HST to First Nations" 

Woodward and Company "HST and First Nations: an Introduction to the Issues Coming to BC in 2010"

Government Information 

BC Comprehensive Integrated Tax Agreement (CITCA) 

Canada Revenue Agency "HST and First Nations in BC and Ontario" 

Canada Revenue Agency "Collecting First Nations Tax in a Participating Province" 

BC "What's Taxable under the HST and What's Not?"

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