Title and Rights Alliance

Spring Caravan 2004 - Victoria
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The Title & Rights Alliance resulted from two historic unity conference that brought together First Nations from across British Columbia to discuss the provincial Crown's sweeping amendments to the Forest Act and to the legal framework for forest practices, land use planning and land designations without meaningful consultation and accommodation of indigenous peoples.

The first gathering was hosted by the Okanagan Nation Alliance in September 2003, bands and tribal nations from around the province developed a "In October, at a follow-up meeting hosted by the Carrier Sekani Tribal Council, the Joint Statement was ratified and a coordinated Action Plan was developed and affirmed unanimously by participating representatives - the Lheidli Action Plan. A four-person steering committee consisting of Guujaaw, Grand Chief Edward John, Justa Monk, and Chief Stewart Phillip was tasked with guiding the process. This includes implementing the short-term action items in the Action Plan, further developing the medium and long-term actions, planning and organizing the next Building Alliances meeting, and continuing to work to secure the financial resources necessary to implement the Action Plan. Over 400 First Nations leaders, including youth and elders, from throughout B.C. took part in the second in a series of historic unity conferences. The Joint Statement developed from the meetings in Kelowna on September 11-12, 2003 was signed by those in attendance, and calls upon the province to repeal recent land and forest legislation not structured to accommodate Aboriginal Title and Rights. The legislation gives more authority to corporations to manage forests and police themselves.


UBCIC is a NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.