Living Proof: The Essential Data-Collection Guide for Indigenous Use-and-Occupancy Map Surveys

Living Proof is a tool for Indigenous peoples who are looking for ways to assert their ongoing ties to the land or indeed for anyone working with resources on Indigenous territories.

This book is a methodology guidebook for how to conduct land use-and-occupancy project.  It provides best practice recommendations for all the steps in the process of map projects from equipment to project management to interview techniques.

What began as a simple follow-up to the popular Chief Kerry’s Moose: A Guidebook to Land Use and Occupancy Mapping, Research Design published in 2000 has become an expansive, in-depth methodology for the collection of high quality Indigenous cultural data.  Living Proof is a peer-reviewed guidebook written with the support and knowledge of practitioners and the generations of experiences of many Indigenous communities within their respective territories throughout Canada, Alaska and Australia.  It is 486 pages of solid research methodology presented in an easy to read style with a gallery of over 300 maps, photos and graphics.  Being the first of its kind, Living Proof represents a milestone for the field of land use and occupancy research.  It represents not only the extensive experience of the author, but the combined experience of over 100 practitioners in three countries.

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