52nd Annual General Meeting

Current Resolutions Sept 2020

UBCIC AGA09-29 Draft Resolution Package final

UBCIC Resolution 2020 Spreadsheet


Final Resolutions February 2020

UBCIC CC02 26 Resolutions Combined



Amelia Elder Rep Bio

Declared elected by Acclamation Elder Representative


Administrative Update

Admin Update

2017-2020 projects update

2020-07-02 UBCIC COVID-19 Safety Plan Final.

2020-07-06 Working From Home WFH Policy Final



2020Mar30 Signed Audited Financial Statements

2020Sept30 Audit Presentation AGA Handout


UBCIC Governance Docs


May 2019 UBCIC substance free policy

UBCIC Conflict of Interest Policy- OCTOBER 2019 FINAL

UBCIC Mandate Sept 2010-29


Legal Update

2020Sept22 Legal Update UBCIC AGA MP


Specific Claims Research Program

2020Sept29&30 Combined Specific Claims Kit


Library & Archives

2020 Summer 2020 Newsletter Sept 17 2020



2020 August COVID-19 Travel Bans

2020Aug06 FNLC Submission to BC RE Economic Recovery FINAL

2020Aug19 LETTER IAHLA FNESC to Baskerville AEST Re AESTs Response To COVID-19 Pandemic

2020July FNLC to BC COVID-19 Restart Plan

2020July15 COVID-19 Socio Economic Social Recovery UBCIC Submission final

2020July20 UN Report Of The SR On Rights Of IPs

2020May21 FNLC COVID-19 Resource Guide

2020Sept UBCIC Letter of Support Heiltsuk final

2020Sept9 574793 Response to FNLC COVID-19 Funding

2020Sept10 DM Caul to FNLC COVID Submission

2020Sept14 FNLC to Commissioner McEvoy.

2020Sept14 OPIC re FIPPAs 25 COVID Data FN

2020Sept15 FNLC to Minister Dix Dr Henry

2020Sept21 Nations Briefing Note for UBCIC AGA Information Sharing

UBCIC COVID-19 Report - Without appendices



2020June12 Letter FNSA Board To FNSA Members

FNESC Update to UBCIC 09 24 2020

2020Sept24 Ref 238567 Dep Min Response First Nations Leadership Council



2020July2 Opioid OD Infographic

2020July7 UBCIC PR re David Dennis

2020July29 CSH Provincial Response ToR



2020.07.15 Coalition to BC RE National Action Plan

2020.07.15 Coalition to Canada RE National Action Plan

2020 Coalition MMIWG Action Plan Advocacy

2020 House Of The Moon Presenter Proposal 1

2020 House Of The Moon Pilot Launch SAVE THE DATES

2020July UBCIC Statement THW Violence

2020June2 VPD Response to MMIWGI Coalition incl. Appendix A

2020June3 UBCIC Press Statement Annivesary National Inquiry Report Final

2020June12 FNLC to Minister Bennett MMIWG2S NAP


Womens Rep

2020 House Of The Moon Presenter Proposal 1

2020 House Of The Moon Pilot Launch SAVE THE DATES

UBCIC AGA Meeting Submission 8-29


Child & Family

AFN AFN Exec Comm Isolated Motion - May 5 2020


Bill 22 2020 Aug 24 MMHA Minister Judy Darcy response to DF letter July 31

Bill 22 2020JUL22 UBCIC BCCLA HJ NR Bill 22

Bill 22 2020July09 FNLCtoBC Bill 22

Bill 22 Lt Minister Darcy re Bill 22 02 07 2020

Bill 22 Quick Facts About Bill 22 July 2020

Bill 22 Stabilization-statement June 2020

Bill 22 Statement Bill 22 270720

Bill 22 ona-ChKC-CAL - 2020 Aug 5 - MoH-MoMH - Bill 22 MH Amend Act

C F Combined

Caravan 2020 IRSHDC 1pgr FINAL

Caravan 2020 Poster Caravan AGM Advert FINAL.

COVID 2020APR08 RCY Letter to Community Partners

COVID 2020Sep08 FNLC to MCFD Education Restart

Education First Nations CYIC PROTOCOL FINAL

Education NR CYIC Protocol 2020 06 04


MCFD Notice of Certification and Proposed Settlement - Appendix B short form July 29 2020



2020Jul31 follow-up Miller meeting Bill S3

2020Sept1 UBCIC to CEDAW J Matson

Letter to PM - Throne Speech

MCFD 2020Aug08 FNLC to Chiefs re Saunders Settlement Notification


Commitment Document

2019 2020 Declaration Act 19-20 Annual-Report FINAL

2020.08.14 FNLC to SPC NPC Invite Engagement

2020Aug14 FNO Engagement Guide FINAL

2020July29 FNLC Ltr PremierOn Bill 6 and Bill 17 Final

FNLC Communique to FNs - Declaration Act implementation input

Synopsis of FNO meeting submissions draft for assemblies Sept 25



2019Aug20 UBCIC Report Symposium Negotiations Agreements FINAL

2019Sept30 MIRR to UBCIC Negotiations Symposium Next Steps

2020Aug BC UBCIC Framing Document Negotiations

UBCIC CC06-17 Resolution2019-23 Principles Negotiations Agreements



2020Aug17 Coalition Public Statement On Draft Legislation UNDRIP

2020June22 EMRIP UBCIC Submission Land Rights UN Declaration

2020Sept13 Coalition Anniversary Statement Final



2020May FNLC LT AG Eby and Farnsworth re EM Leg

2020Sept8 FINAL TOR Technical Sub-Committee on Emergency Program Act Reform

2020Sept15 FINAL Tripartite EPA Modernization Engagement Plan

2020Sept21 Community Sit Rep Final

TEMWG Terms of Reference DRAFT V10




2020Feb26 27 UBCIC CC02-26 Resolution 2020-15 Call to Action Historic Low Salmon Returns

2020Apr24 Management Measures For At-Risk Fraser River Chinook Populations

2020April20 Sea Lice Marine Audits Correspondence

2020May18 DFO Response April 16 Senior Leaders Call Fisheries and Oceans Canada DFO and FNLC

2020Jul25 Sea Lice Survey BC Coast

2020Aug18 FNLC Sockeye Collapse Final

2020Aug25 EO Briefing Note

2020Aug31 FNLC to PMO Tseshaht Fisheries final

2020Sept15 FNLC Sparrow

2020Sept16 FNLC to PMO Wild Salmon Supports

2020.09.22 UNDRIP TG Briefing Note - UBCIC

2020Sep FNFC UBCIC BN reso Pacific Salmon Status FINAL



2020Sept UBCIC Discussion Paper Hunting Draft for UBCIC review

Hunting Webinar Agenda



2020-17-03 FNLC CE Survey Findings Executive Summary

2020-04-02 UBCIC COVID-19 Relief Fossil Fuels Open Letter

2020-05-13 NC Letter to Minister Wilkinson on Carbon Pricing Review

2020May ICA UBCIC UN Submission final

2020-08-18 BCICEI Letter NRT Clean Energy Funding

2020-09-21 BN FNLC Climate Change Proposal


Energy and Mines

2020May27 FNLC to Premier Horgan Ministers Ralston Fraser re BC Hydro Phase 2

2020May Alberta TMX PR

2020May UBCIC Peace River Fracking Ban Open letter

2020May UBCIC letter Human Rights Oversight COVID-19

2020June16 Spill Investigation Press Release FINAL

2020June16 Spill Investigation Press Release FINAL

2020June17 FNLC to BC re BC Hydro Review

2020June17 570408 Tiny House Warriors

2020June17 Final Letter to Premier Horgan Ministers Ralston and Fraser BCH

2020June22 BN to FNLC re Mining And Consent Project Final

2020June22 LFBC Letter to FNLC Final

2020Jun28 CEBC media backgrounder

2020July3 Backgrounder FNEMC Mines Amendment Act 2020 1

2020July3 FNLC Ltr MinRalston Bill 6


2020July16 CleanEnergy to Min Ralston and Fraser

2020July24 FNLC PR reBill 17 Final

2020July29 111794 xref 111756 FNLC Ltr Premier Bill 6andBill 17

2020Aug18 111794 xref 111756 Final Ltr FNLC Bill 6 Bill 17

2020Aug27 Press Release CRRC Amended Complaint Cody Merriman



2020June Backgrounder Working Together On Water

2020-07-17 BN WS Are form

2020-07-23 BC Update on Proposed Livestock Watering Policy

2020.9.3 BN Indigenous Flood WG

2020Aug26 Flood Risks FN Invitation

2020-09-11 FNFC Memo regarding BC's proposed livestock watering policy

2020-09-17 Final Summary WTOW WSA Meetings


Justice Council

2019 2020 BC First Nations Justice Council AR FIN

2020Sept17 Communique UBCIC AGA V3 



2020Apr8 OPCC Appeal BCCLA UBCIC Street Check Policy Complaint Final

2020Jun4 BCFNJC FNLC NR Chantel Moore 060420 Final

2020June4 UBCIC PR BLM Police Brutality Final

2020June5 PCC Letter to UBCIC BCCLA

2020June5 RCMPLetterStrachan to FNLC signed JS

2020July8 FNLC Letter Of Support FNJC Indigenous Virtual Courts

2020June20 LTR to Brenda Butterworth-Carr re Street Checks Review

2020June22 Vancouver Street Checks Motion

2020June24 BCCLA UBCIC Letter To Vancouver Police Board Requesting Information

2020June25 NC Ltr to PM Re Systemic Racism

2020June25 Affidavit #1 of Andrea Glickman

2020June29 Affidavit 1 of Shauna Stewart

2020June29 To Brenda Butterworth-Carr Re Street Checks Review

2020July7 LTR to BCHRT re UBCIC application

2020July14 144 UBCIC obo Indigenous persons v BC Ministry of Health and others 2020 BCHRT 144

2020Jul21 FNLC PR Connor Sutton Final

2020Jul30 VPD Policy Complaint 14863 Follow Up Letter UBCIC

2020July30 OPCC to UBCIC and BCCLA Street Checks Follow Up

2020Aug6 Media Release OPCC Street Checks Letter Part 2

2020Aug13 UBCIC Senator Dyck Letter

2020Aug24 574446 LTR Philip Surrey Policce Board Final

2020Sept17 Open Letter Ban On Street Checks

2020Sept AGA UBCIC Resolutions National Indigneous Justice Summit Actions

2020Sept17 Open letter ban Street Checks

2020Sept17 Press Release Vancouver Police Board

2020Sept17 REF 2009G01 Update On Street Check Audit

BCHRT File No. 19643 - Form 7.1 - General Application UBCIC



2020.06.22 FNLC to David Russell SPI

2020.07.07 FNLC callout for FNLC-BC Cannabis Working Group

2020.07.07 FNLC callout for FNLC-BC Cannabis Working Group

2020Aug31 BC to FNLC Response Cannabis



2020Sept14 BC Invitation to GB Mgmt Engagement

2020Sept24 OG Review Summary UBCIC 2009

2020Sept Old Grow Strategic Review Report BN Chiefs Council


What-We-Heard-20200429 FINAL-edit online



2020Sept15 First Nations Technology Council Submission.




2020Sept18 BCFN Gaming Revenue Sharing Invitaton Chairs Letter Information Circular

Gaming agreeement 19Sept2020 final



2020May21 Ref 254635 FNLC UBCIC Signed Final

2020June22 BCCLA UBCIC Pivot Letter Victoria Day time Sheltering

2020July13 UBCIC BCCLA Pivot Letter re Sheltering In Vancouver Parks

2020July27 UBCIC BCCLA Pivot Shelters In Parks Amendments

2020Sept18 UBCIC to Vancouver SRO

252608 Pfoh Signed Final

Relationship Agreement - EO - 021220

Briefing Note FNLC Aug 2020 Final

AHMA Member Map Image

AHMA AR 201920 v3 spreads


First Nations Public Service Secretariat

2020Sept 14 FNPSS Briefing Note to UBCIC



Day 1 - UBCIC AGA Legal Update

Day 1 -COVID-19 Impacts on FNs and Jurisdiction

Day 1 -  Declaration Act update for UBCIC AGA Sept 2020

Day 1 UBCIC Hunting Rights and Discussion Paper

Day 1 - Old Growth Review - A Summary UBCIC 200915

Day 1 - Systemic Racism in Health Care UBCIC AGA

Day 2 New Relationship Trust Update to FN Leadership

Day 2 Children and Families

Day 2 - First Nations Children and Families

Day 2 UBCIC 300920 caravan

Day 2 - Auditor Presentation for AGA

Day 2 - Archaeology and TMX for AGA


51st AGA Minutes




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