53rd Annual General Meeting Kit


Day 1

UBCIC - Introduction to Participating in a Meeting via Zoom - AGA 2021

HUNT UBCIC presentation Sept 2021

Welcoming Back GCSP

UBCIC Symposium on Negotiations DRAFT 2

shishalh UBCIC Heritage Act presentation

Day 2

BCFNCSAP - UBCIC Presentation September FINAL

Tseshaht Language UBCIC

FPCC - UBCIC Presentation

Day 3

Auditor Presentation for AGA

AntiRacism Legislation PSS Update to UBCIC September 29th

GC Fall 2021 Update - UBCIC final

UBCIC Data Sovereignty

First Nations - BC Wildlife Habitat Conservation Forum - UBCIC Presentation sept 29 final

FNHIC - UBCIC Updates Presentation



Residential Schools

Sisters of St Ann to Premier Horgan KIRS

Sisters of St Ann to FNLC IRS

UBCIC Letter to Rankin IRS funding CC Meeting

PM Trudeau to UBCIC KIRS

MIRR to UBCIC 1998 internal memo

Media Release final

Drum Poster Square

Drum Poster Bullet Points


Legal Update

Case Summary - Ahousaht Indian Band v. Canada Attorney General 2021 BCCA

Case Summary - R. v. Desautel 2021 SCC 17

Southwind v Canada 2021 SCC 28 - Case Summary

Yahey v British Columbia 2021 BCSC 1287

Specific Claims

2020-2021 Annual Report of the BC Specific Claim Working Group

Fact Sheets - Review of Proposal for an Independent Specific Claims Process

AFN Deck Overview of Independent Specific Claims Process and Review

RESEARCH FUNDING GUIDELINES 2021May12 Briefing Note BCSCWG Research Funding Guidelines FINAL

Review of Research Funding ATIP Documents FINAL

Research and Negotiation Costs Guidelines Analysis

BCSCWG Letter to ADM Reiher

NCRD Letter to Shelie Laforest RE Research Funding

Email JW to Stefan Matiation Draft Research Funding Guidelines

Draft Research Funding Guidelines Email

Responses to CRU recommendations

July 16 2021 Funding Application Guidelines

SCB Policy Summer Bulletin 2021- EN

BN - Intellectual Property - Funding Guidelines and Agreements final confidential

Legal Memo FPL Intellectual Property and Specific Claims Research funding

Legal Brief 1 Intellectual Property and Specific Claims Research Funding

Briefing Note SCT Institutional Independence

UBCIC Letter to Carolyn Bennett to BCR Validity

Letter Minister Bennet to UBCIC re BCR Validity

Summary of Issues Regarding Access to Information and Privacy May 2021

List of ATI Reqesuts made for Advoacy Purposes

2020-2021 Annual Report of the UBCIC Specific Claism Research Program

UBCIC SCRP- 2020-2021 Final Report Cover Letter

Negotiations and BCTC

Updated Memo Negotiations Agreements

UBCIC Symposium on Negotiations DRAFT 2

UBCIC Negotiations Strategy Report

UBCIC CC06-17 Resolution2019-23 Principles Negotiations Agreements

2021Mar30 UBCIC to MIRR Engagement

BC to UBCIC Equitable Engagement Signed


UBCIC AGA09-21 Resolution2016-30 UBCIC Action Plan Beyond BCTC Process




UBCIC PR Old Growth Declaration final

ADM Response Old Growth

UBCIC Resolution 202137 LNRO FN Involvement

UBCIC to Mike Kelly Resolution 2021 40

First Nations Involvement in Modernizing Forest Policy in BC

Forestry Council Letter Minister Rankin Draft Action Plan final

FNFC Letter Premier Horgan Sept 8 2021

FNFC Press Release Sept 8 2021

Shackan Protect Our Elder Trees Declaration

Shackan Old Growth Deferral Request


JWGFNHC Submission DeclarationAct Action Plan

S4Letter To Ministers

FLNRORD to FNLC Hertiage Conservation Response

shishalh Press Release Desecration of Burial Site 3March2021

Letter to BAS regarding Komoks burial ground April 26 2021

Formalizing the Fossil Management Framework

Fossil Management Policy JULY 2018

Important BC Fossil Areas

Energy and Mines

indigenous knowledge policy framework draft

Nuxalk Letter of Support Mining

GTMI Advisory panel letter

Fast The Fraser PR Media

STSA Response to EMLCI re Giant Copper Mine Notice of Work with STSA Cover letter

STSA Support for WA Treaty Tribe Opposition to Mining in Skagit

Skagit Headwaters BC Letter Press Release 072921 FINAL

Save The Date IKPF

Save the Date Notice IPCA GUARDIANS Oct 29 PM 29

Economic Development

Indigenous engagement agenda

Indigenous engagement overview deck - FINAL 2021-09-14

UBCIC Cannabis Update

FNLC Cannabis Pre Session Report


Emergency Management

FNLC bn 07 21 2021 wildfire landscape for BC Chiefs

FNESS BN July 8 2021

FNLC to Province Chapman-Abbott Report Implementation

PSSG to FNLC Chapman Abbott Report

Addressing the New Normal Report - Update PPT - July 27

FNLC EM MOU implementation update BC Chiefs 09 10 21 FINAL

FNLC EM Funding concerns letter

ISC to UBCIC Emergency Management Funding Confirmation

EM Forum FNLC CHIEFS Meeting Save The Date


FNLC Final NR Climate Action IPCC report

FNLC Climate Strategy Draft Summary

BC Climate Emergency Campaign Confront the climate emergency






GRAPHIC BC-Specific PSE Funding Model Graphic


Children and Family


FNLC NR RCY Skye Report

Children Families Jurisdiction - Fall Engagement Sessions

Women and Girls

Miller Bennett Lametti Monsef enfranchisement letter

PBC to UBCIC Resolution Response EAHs

Miller Bennett Monsef

UBCIC Resolution 2021-46 Parole Board of Canada

UBCIC News Release 2021 NAP

ADM Craven to UBCIC Nonconsenusal Disclosure of Intimate Images

Coalition to BC DRIPA Action Plan Submission

Minister DixResponse Resolution 2021-31 SANE training



2020 AGA Minutes

Sept 29 20 AGA DAY 1

Sept 30 20 AGA DAY 2



UBCIC Mandate Sept 2010

UBCIC substance free policy

UBCIC Conflict of Interest Policy- OCTOBER 2019 FINAL

UBCIC Resolution Process Sept 2020

UBCIC 2020-2021 Membership

2021JuneCC Final Resolutions Combined

UBCIC Resolution 2021 Spreadsheet


UBCIC Office Re-opening - Planning

Mandatory Vaccine Policy for In-Person Attendance at UBCIC Offices and Vancouver and Kamloops

UBCIC Office Schedule September 2021

Covid Vaccine Mandate Legal Opinion for UBCIC

UBCIC Societies Act Amendments Feedback

UBCIC Memo re COVID Vaccine Policies for UBCIC Members

Métis Nation in B.C. introduces mandatory vaccine policy CBC News


Auditor Presentation for AGA - Handout

UBCIC - 2021 Financial Statements




GC Fall 2021 Update - UBCIC fina

2021.09.29 GC Fall 2021 Update - UBCIC final

BC to UBCIC Gaming Legislation

Data Governance


FNDGS Engagements Edited

Declaration of Data Sovereignty


Hunting and Wildlife

UBCIC Resolution 202137 LNRO FN Involvement

UBCIC Discussion Paper Hunting With Actions

Letter-Indigenous Knowledge GRBE Management Plan 14July2021-PAC version


DRIPA-AP-Feedback Recommendations 09-2021 FINAL

DFO-21 Parliamentary Roundtable Report V6 ENG Final

APR20 WSSC Workplan

APR20 TOR Wild Salmon Committee

FNFC Turning The Tides report FINAL 1




BC to FNLC Police Act Reform

August VPD Stake holder Input UBCIC Submission final

LTR CO to FNLC 2021-0212


UBCIC to Veronica Butler Thank You

Federal Election

UBCIC PR_federal election_final

FNLC ltr to NDP re Federal Election Questionnaire

Response from Liberal Party

Short ATI questionnaire - Aug. 24

D.2. Response from NDP

D.3. Response from CPC

D.4. Réponse du BQ

REVISED - 2021 Election info to FN's


Parliamentary Singh to FNLC Engagement Summary

Parliamentary Singh to FNLC Anti-racism Engagement

Minister White Side to UBCIC Anti Racism Action Plan

Presentation Indigenous partners fall 2021 anti-racism data



Title and Rights

Sept Updated Memo Negotiations Agreements

Haida Reconciliaiton Framewor NewsRelease

gaygahlda changing tide framework agreement

Commitment Document and DRIPA

DRIPA update to BCAFN AGA Sept 2021

FNLC to PJH MMR Draft Action Plan FINAL

July Communique to FNs Draft Action Plan

LF MMR re Secretariat update

HON MURRAY RANKIN President McNeil--Draft Declaration Action Plan SEPT 7

Cannabis Draft Action Plan Comment

Coalition to BC DRIPA Action Plan Submission

Directors Forum DRIPA Action Plan Submission

Forestry Council Letter Minister Rankin Draft Action Plan

FNEMC Submission DRIPA Ap


TAB 10


FNLC to BC Ferries Support for Judith Sayers

Sisters of St Ann to FNLC IRS


Fraser Caucus to FNLC Health Governance Restructure

FNLC Health Governance Applicants

FNLC to FN Health Governance Restructure


UBCIC NewsRelease RoseAnneArchibald final


Late Submissions

FN Salmon strategy WSSC clean

Emergency Measures Announcement

IIO to UBCIC Police Shooting

Case Summary on Blueberry Treaty Case

First Nations - BC Wildlife Habitat Conservation Forum - UBCIC Presentation sept 29 final

Fisheries Flyer SOI eDNA

FNFC Communique - Sept 2021

FNS FNTC Briefing Notes Sept 2021

Indigenous Director and Panel Proposal draft for discussion

modernizing forestry in bc report

Squamish Nation DRIPA Draft Action Plan Submission


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