Chiefs Council June 2021 Kit


Using the UN to defend and amplify Kamloops


Past Resolutions: February 2021 Chiefs Council

Past Resolutions - COMBINED

UBCIC Governance Docs

2021 2022 UBCIC Membership Letter

UBCIC Mandate

Constitution and By-laws

Substance Free Policy

Conflict of Interest and Ethics Policy

Resolutions Process


2021-2022 Basic Organizational Capacity Contribution Funding Approval

Union of BC Indian Chiefs MAY 2020-21 to 2023-24-letter of offer

P BOC ANNUAL RPT final signed

UBCIC Financial Statements

COMBINED Administration and Finance

Kamloops Residential School

UBCIC CC Special Guests

FNHA mental health and wellness supports for indigenous people

IRS Supports

Mass Graves Legal Framework Terminology Paper

Statement from the Office of the Chief, Kukpi7 Rosanne Casimir

FNS PR Remains at Kamloops Res School site

FNLC letter to PM unmarked mass burial site 5

UBCIC Statement on KIRS Children 


BCAFN PR Tk'emlups grave

Ahousaht IRS Statement

FNLC to BC Records Residential Schools

Sisters Of St Ann Letter to Premier Horgan

Sisters Of St Ann Letter to FNLC

Tk'emlups Letter of Invitation to Special Rapporteur

FNLC to UNSR Invitation

TteS Cowessess Statement

FNLCS Comments IRS Burial Sites Increasing Numbers

UN experts call on Canada Holy See to investigate mass grave at indigenous school

UN Filing on Missing Children 05142019 Joint Press Release

June National Congress Of American Indians Resolution

WGEID Filing


Legal Update

BN to AFN Exec - Decision - R. v. Desautel

Case Summary - Ahousaht and Desautel

Case Summary - Ahousaht Indian Band v. Canada Attorney General

Case Summary - R. v. Desautel 2021 SCC 17

Library and Archives

Library and Archives Spring 2021 Newsletter

Specific Claims

UBCIC SCRP- 2020-2021 Final Report Cover Letter

BCSCWG Letter to ADM Reiher May 132021

BCSCWG Letter to ADM Reiher

FUNDING GUIDELINES Draft Research Funding Guidelines Feb 24 2021

Email RE Commitment of ongoing support for annual NCRW

RESEARCH FUNDING ALLOCATIONS 2021May12 Briefing Note Allocations Research funding

Research and Negotiation Costs Guidelines Analysis

RESEARCH FUNDING ALLOCATIONS 2021-03-31 - 2NSD-SCR-Specific Claims Research Expenditures Summary

RESEARCH FUNDING ALLOCATIONS 2021-03-31 - Release Package

RESEARCH FUNDING ALLOCATIONS 2021-03-31-2NSD-SCR-SpecificClaimsResearchExpendituresSummary

Review of Research Funding ATIP Documents FINAL 

RESEARCH FUNDING ALLOCATIONS 2021-03-31 - 2017-2021 funding allocations

Letter UBCIC to Minister Bennet UBCIC Resolutions

RESEARCH FUNDING GUIDELINES 2021May12 Briefing Note BCSCWG Research Funding Guidelines FINAL

Draft review process and timelines - Independent Centre for the Resolution of Specific Claims

2021 March 16 AFN Lands Sector Update

Summary of Negotiation Issues Discussed to Date May 2021 FINAL

Summary of Issues Regarding Access to Information and Privacy May 2021

SCB follow up on access to information issues Need help with access to departmental records

Joint Letter to PM Transparency

Restoule Oral Argument - April 28 21

The Impacts of the Reserve Creation Processes on Indigenous Women

AFN Deck Overview of Independent Specific Clasim Process and Review

Late documents

UBCIC First Nations - eligible class members

NLC Presentation Senate Standing Committee Aboriginal Peoples

BCFNJC Operations Update UBCIC

BN BC Action Plan MMIWG

Media Release NAP

Press Release by Power Law for Nicholas et al v Canada

FNLC NR RCY Skye Report


FNLC NR Youth Solitary Confinement

BN to First Nations CWJI Funding

UBCIC to UN re McIvor

UBCIC News Release 2021 NAP Final

BC to UBCIC Amendments to EI and CRB


UBCIC to Breakfast Club of Canada ThankYou

UBCIC to Police Board TPP Complaint

UBCIC Intervention News Release

FNLC to Premier Support for JudithSayers

Coalitionon MMIWG2S to Canada NAP

UBCIC Statement on KIRS Children

Children Families Jurisdiction Engagement Sessions Poster UPDATED

CWJI Retro Letter Blank Letterhead

Indigenous Services Canada CFS Funding Overview

Shackan Old Growth Deferral Request

Shackan Protect Our Elder Trees Declaration




UBCIC Appointment BNFNJC Notice

BC to FNLC Anti-Racism Legislation

UBCIC News Release Anti-Asian Hate final

NTC Pacheedaht and FNLC Statement RCMP Shooting

FNLC TFN RCMP Shooting Final

FNLC to BC Police Act Reform

BCFNJC to FNLC Appointments

AG to FNLC Indigenous Identify HR Code

Boyd Bio

Boyd Peter Application BCFNJC


Follow-up JWGFNHC Meeting with Deputy Ministers

TLa'amin to Province Protect Tla’amin Heritage Sites

Stsailes CMT Support Letter

Press Release Desecration of Burial Site 3March2021


Commitment Doc and UN Declaration

April FNLC update to Chiefs DRIPA

ImplementingUNDRIPinBC AllMeasuresNecessary


MIRR to FNLC Secretariat DRIPA

FNLC to MIRR Response JCWG and Secretariat

MOJAG Response Dec 7 letter

BCFNLC C15 Submission



Minister Rankin speaking notes First Nations Summit Public

UBCIC to MIRR Engagement

RD Slides Negotiations

UBCIC Negotiations Strategy Report

Updated Memo Negotiations Agreements

BC to UBCIC Equitable Engagement Signed

Principles Negotiations Agreements


FNLC Press Release re Metis

MIRR to FNLC_Metis Response

FNLC to Prov Follow up re Metis

Miller Titerle Law to BCAFN Memore Desautel Métis Rights

FNLC to BCIT Support for Kory Wilson



May 2021 SitRep Community 210526 070151

UBCIC NewsRelease AntiAsianHate

FNLC to BC COVID19 Vaccination Planning

Joint letter to BC Proposed Travel Order

Min SDPR to UBCIC Resolution 2021-16 COVID Relief Supplement

Emergency Management

FNESS Emergency Management Action Plan May 4 2021

FNLC EM update to UBCIC May 7 2021

ISC BC Region Community Status Report May 20

Regional Action Plan For Sendai

UBCIC - Emergency Management policy sector briefing on LC letterhead

Health and Opioid Crisis

UBCIC and BCAFN Health Governance Restructure

Open Letter to Minister Hajdu drugs

UBCIC to BC Resolution 2021-17 PWD

Ministry of Health Reciept of In Plain Sight Endorsement

MMHA Presentation to FNLC

Terms of Reference - Tripartite EM Working Group - 2020-08-12


Children and Families

JP ISC Jordans Principle Overview and Updates - Town Hall March 17 FINAL

JP Cindy Blackstock BC Jordan's Principle

JP Jordan's Principle Information Sheet Jan 2021

JP ISC FNHA Jordan's Principle Update March

MCFD T-1621-19 T-1559-20 - Applicant's Memorandum of Fact and Law dated March 12 2021

MCFD THSA Call To Action Feb 2021 - Rack Card FINAL

MCFD Youth and YA COVID Supports Feb 2021 - Poster FINAL

MCFD Youth Transitions COVID-19 Scenarios - March 2021 updates FINAL APPROVED

MCFD Uptake of Emergency Measures

FNLC Save the Date Children Families Jurisdiction Engagement Sessions

FNLC to BC and Canada Youth Housing Supplement

MCFD to FNLC regarding Canada BC Housing Benefit


NC Ltr to Minister Miller RE CHRT and C-92

BN to First Nations CWJI Funding

CWJI Retro Letter Blank Letterhead

chrt 12 information sheet

P 2020MAR17 Jordan's Principle in BC Agenda

Women and Girls

UBCIC News Release MMIWG National Day of Awareness Finalized

March Coalition Letter Regarding Inclusion in MMIWG National Working Groups

UBCIC Press Release International Women's Day

Letter to Gina Wilson MMIWG Secretariat

Coalition MMIWG National Day Police Inaction

UBCIC Transphobia Biphobia Homophobia Statement final

Letter to Minister Farnworth and Minister Mark Final

BCAFN Roundtable with Coalition

Letter City of Van Poster Removal


Ministry of Education to FNLC PEN numbers

FNLC to ISC Education Capital Funding

FNLC and FNESC to Minister of Education

FNLC to MoEd FN Education Resolutions


Hunting and Wildlife

UBCIC to BC Letter Industrial Mink Farming final

UBCIC News Release Mink Farms

UBCIC Discussion Paper Hunting

UBCIC to FLNR Resolution 2021-05 UBCIC Mandate Hunting.

BC SPCA Briefing Note Mink Covid-19

First Nations - BC Wildlife Habitat Conservation Forum - UBCIC Presentation. FINAL DRAFT

FN notification letter Trapper Report April 27

BC SPCA Press Release Covid Outbreak Mink farm

UBCIC CC02 24 Resolution 2021 05 Hunting Paper Mandate

UBCIC News Release Bear Poaching Final

Cultivating Abundance FINAL formatted Nov 15

FN Wildlife Forum Terms of Reference Jan 13 2021


FN Salmon strategy Draft1

UBCIC Press Statement Mikmaq fishers UN Call

FNLC to DFO Discovery Islands Injunction

FNLC release BCCA Ahousaht Decision

Ahousaht to UBCIC Thank You

FSMC Stronger Together Presentation

TOR Wild Salmon Committee

WSSC Workplan

Musqueam to Minister of Fisheries re SFAB proposals March

UBCIC CC02 24 Resolution 2021 07 Intervention Discovery Islands Judical Review

Forestry and Lands

Nathan Cullen to Elected Chiefs Indigenous Engagement

DRAFT Protect Our Elder Trees Declaration

DRAFT 2021 MAY 19 Elder Trees Agenda

FLNRORD Program Level Engagement

Invitation - Protect Our Elder Trees Declaration Meeting

LUP and Program Linkages

Micheal Kelly FNFS Nomination and Bio 2021

Principles Workshop - Draft Agenda

UBCIC Appointment Notice of Position FNFC BOD

May UBCIC to BC Letter old growth researchers

BC Timber Sales Proposed Operations under Operating Plan 643-6

FINAL 2021 MAY 14 Old Growth Meeting Agenda

Status of Old Growth UBCIC May 14 2021

For Consideration-Protect Our Elder Trees Declaration

2021 Template Letter for Old Growth Deferrals

SFN - Media Release - NSO

UBCIC Letter to Mike Kelly FNFC Appointment

April 15 LNROS Backgrounder

Nathan Cullen to FNLC Invitation

FNLC to FLNRORD Support for Forest Strategy

Spuzzum First Nation - 2020 Guiding Principles

BC Timber Sales Proposed Operations under Operating Plan 643-6



FNLC Climate Strategy Action Plan Progress Update

FNLC Joint Work Plan Climate Change Update

Joint PR Biodiversity Report Card

FNLC Climate Strategy and Action Plan - June BN

Energy and Mines

MAR25 ENV to UBCIC Gibraltar Response

EMLI to FNLC Engagement Clean Energy

Indigenous Clean Energy Review Invitation

Phase 3 Submission BC Hydro Summary and Recommendations to FNLC May 11 2021


November BCFN Water Strategy FINAL

BC Letter to GCSP WSA Engagement

WSA Objectives Policy Proposal

Drinking Water Class Action Picture



FNPSS Youth Roundtable Report



AG to FNs Gaming Regulation

BCFN Gaming Revenue Sharing Year 3 Funding Distribution

TAB 10


April21 FNLC BN BC Budget

UBCIC BN Federal Budget


UBCIC Resolution Follow Up Development of FN Cannabis Strategy

Health Canada Update on Cannabis

Other Correspondence

FNLC Tom Berger

Dakhka Nation Ltr Indigenous Rights

FNLC to FIN Property Transfer Tax Exemption for First Nations

UBCIC News Release GCSP Reconciliation Award final

Letter to the Ministers Treaty 8

BC to UBCIC Engagement re Business Corp Act

FNLC Secwepemc Peacemaking Process

BC to UBCIC Tax for Tobacco

Min Transportation to UBCIC Response to Make Public Transit BC Wide




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