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  1.  Process for Making a Travel Claim
    Claimant must submit travel claim no later than 30 days after the travel occurs
    Claimant can obtain a Travel Claim Form in the following ways:

    *UBCIC website: 
    *pick up at event*
    *send request by email at [email protected]*

    Submit completed form and original receipts by mail:
    Mail: Arnold Peters, UBCIC, 209 – 345 Chief Alex Thomas Way, Kamloops, BC, V2H-1H1

    Queries by email: [email protected]

  2. Mileage Rates When Using Private Vehicle
    Mileage can be claimed when using a private vehicle for travel. It is intended to cover costs of gas and maintenance.

  3. Taxi, Ride Share, Parking, Ferry & Highway Tolls (Original Receipts required)
    Taxi services will be reimbursed if original receipts are provided; tips can only be claimed up to an amount of 15% of the total amount identified on the original receipt. Tips must appear on the receipt.

  4. Car Rentals (Original Receipts required)
    *By pre-approval from Administrative Director only
    Claimant should ask for the First Nations or government rate or the least expensive rate available.

  5. Airfare:
    Claimant must make every reasonable effort to secure lowest possible rates. Economy airfare only will be reimbursed. On approval of Administrative Director, seat selection costs may be covered.

  6. Accommodation (for Pre-approved UBCIC events only)
    a. Hotel/Motel (original receipt and proof of payment required)
    • Claimant should select the most cost-effective hotel possible that meets your business requirements to a maximum of $189. Prior approval from the Administrative Director is required to book hotels about this rate.
    • If a group room block is available for the event, claimant should select a room from the room block / at the group rate. The claimant is responsible for covering costs above group rates.

    b. Private Lodging (receipts are not required)
    Claim $50 per night when private lodging is arranged (e.g. staying with friends)

  7.  Meal Costs
    See Travel Claim Form front page for meal allowances

  8. Miscellaneous Expenses
    • laundry charges, after 7 consecutive days away, with original receipts;
    • other miscellaneous expenses incurred when travelling (e.g. business calls, courier and photocopying charges) can also be claimed if they pertain to business and are supported by original receipt.

  9. Incidentals (receipts not required)
    $17.30 per night may be claimed for incidental expenses

  10. GST
    Expenses paid personally by claimant are subject to GST and the GST can be claimed.

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