Our mandate is to support projects that promote and provide practical education, conduct community-grounded research, disseminate knowledge and support grassroots project of BC First Nations communities.


Nesika’s vision celebrates the dynamic and unique nature of BC First Nations.  We will start small with in-house projects that directly benefit our communities.  As we look to the future, we will be looking for new opportunities and space to partner with communities and support local projects.

Governing Structure

Our board currently consists of:

Chief Marilyn Baptiste (Xeni Gwet’in), President

Boyd Peters (Chehalis), Secretary-Treasurer

Chief Bob Chamberlin (Kwicksutaineuk-Ah-Kwaw-Ah-Mish)

John Haugen (Lytton)

Chief Coreen Child (Kwakiutl)

Chief Fred Robbins (Esketemc)