Anyone But Clark: BC Liberals Failing Grade

... and somewhere BC Liberals are laughing, and somewhere children shout; but there is no joy in Mudville, - mighty Christy Clark has struck out!

(Coast Salish Territory/Vancouver, B.C. – May 01, 2017) Christy Clark and the BC Liberals swung and missed. They have failed to live up to their promises and have failed to gain the trust of British Columbians. A third term for Christy Clark and BC Liberal Party would be disastrous for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples across the province. Now is the time to stand up for BC and vote for Anyone But Clark.

“Christy Clark and the BC Liberals have had 6 years to ravage BC in a misguided attempt to appease foreign corporate interests,” states Chief Bob Chamberlin, Vice-President of the UBCIC.

The grandiose Liberal fantasy, built upon the devastation of our lands and resources for export to international markets, has failed to respect the Title and Rights of Indigenous nations.

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, President of the UBCIC, declares “The LNG pipedream is market-dead! Kinder- Morgan’s shady and shoddy plans have continually failed to find international partners. British Columbians are waking up. A false economy based on outdated concepts of destroying the land and piping wealth to foreign companies for minimal returns and temporary highly transient jobs no longer holds water.”

Firmly stuck in her delusions, Clark has spent eight billion dollars on the Site C dam. An archaic and unnecessary project being built by out-of-province workers, arrogantly being pushed to the point of no return, while sacrificing some of the most promising agricultural land in the province and destroying the traditional territory of Treaty 8 First Nations. Eight billion dollars that could have been spent to alleviate the numerous failures of the Clark government. Eight billion dollars that could have provided affordable housing, transit solutions, ensuring our children and grandchildren are safe at home, or eight billion dollars that could have been spent to prevent the thousands of deaths claimed by the fentanyl crisis.

The BC Liberals economic prudence is a fiction; Clark has increased our provincial debt by an astounding 11 billion dollars in the last four years.

“Clark’s pandering to international corporate interests has trampled over the interests of BC communities, the environment, and the Rights of Indigenous peoples,” insists Kukpi7 Judy Wilson, Secretary-Treasurer of the UBCIC.

The UBCIC is launching the #ABC campaign to encourage all British Columbians to stand for BC, for the environment, for Indigenous peoples, for our children and our families and in the upcoming election to vote for Anyone But Clark and elect a government that will ensure a fair and sustainable future for BC.

Media inquiries:
Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, Union of BC Indian Chiefs Phone: (604) 684-0231



The text of the pledge is:

Will you pledge?

On May 9th, 2017, I will vote for the candidate in my riding with the best chance of defeating Christy Clark and the BC Liberals. 

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