Our Vision

One of the main principles of the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs is that, despite our differences, we will be stronger if we work together. The goal of the UBCIC is to support the work of our people, whether at the community, nation or international level, in our common fight for the recognition of our aboriginal rights and respect for our cultures and societies. Our goal, the goal of the people, has been to give the aboriginal people of BC a voice strong enough to be heard in every corner of the world. We have, and we continue, to carry out this mission in a number of different ways.

Another major principle behind our organization is the belief that knowledge is power. We are dedicated to information-sharing as well as to the fostering of fundamental and necessary research skills for Indian people in the province.

Our Mission

  • to improve intertribal relationships through common strategies to protect our Aboriginal Title
  • to hold the federal government to its fiduciary obligations and have them change their extinguishment policy
  • to support our peoples at regional, national and international forums
  • to continue to defend our Aboriginal Title through the revival of our way of life (political, social, economic and spiritual)
  • to build trust, honour and respect so we may achieve security and liberty in our lifetime and continue the healing and reconciliation (decolonization) of our Nations