Stolen Lands, Broken Promises

Stolen Lands, Broken Promises is intended as a practical, hands-on resource for Indigenous community members wanting to conduct research on a variety of issues affecting traditional territory and reserve lands in British Columbia.  It is designed to guide researchers through the processes of planning and successfully completing lands-related research projects that have a strong historical component. 

To download the entire manual, click here. However, the manual is very large and we recommend that you download the chapters you need by following the links in the Table of Contents. 

Table Of Contents

Foreword by Chief Stewart Phillip 
List of Acronyms

Research Foundations

Chapter 1 : Dispossession and Resistance in British Columbia 
Chapter 2 : Research Methods 
Chapter 3 : Resource Institutions 
Chapter 4 : Documents 
Chapter 5 : Basic Reserve Research

Approaches to Research

Chapter 6 : Oral History
Chapter 7 : Genealogy Resources
Chapter 8 : Anthropology Resources
Chapter 9 : Archaeology Resources
Chapter 10 : Maps and Surveys
Chapter 11 : Legal Resources

Topics in Land Rights Research

Chapter 12 : Village Sites and Burial Grounds
Chapter 13 : Fisheries and Fishing Rights
Chapter 14 : Hunting and Trapping
Chapter 15 : Pre-Confederation Reserves
Chapter 16 : Reserves Held in Common, Commonages and Grazing Reserves
Chapter 17 : Surrenders
Chapter 18 : Mineral and Timber Extraction
Chapter 19 : Water, Riparian, and Foreshore Rights
Chapter 20 : Accretions and Erosions
Chapter 21 : Rights-of-Way
Chapter 22 : Treaty Land Entitlement


Appendix 1 : Citation Examples
Appendix 2 : Disclosure of Personal Information 8(2)(k) Form
Appendix 3 : Freedom of Information Request Form
Appendix 4 : Online Resources