Louise Mandell Legal Research Collection

A new legal research collection dedicated to Louise Mandell has been developed in honour of her contributions to Indigenous peoples and the law.  Below are links to resources that are relevant to Louise Mandell's work with the UBCIC and other First Nations.  Physical copies of books, journal articles, reports, legal analyses, papers, court decisions and much more may be found in the Louise Mandell Legal Research Collection at the UBCIC Resource Centre which is accessible through the library catalogue.  An exhibit that was created for the launch of the collection and is also currently installed in the foyer of the Resource Centre.  This collection is intended to expand and evolve as new elements are added including more video interviews as part of the oral testimony project.  Fundraising for this collection is ongoing and we gratefully accept charitable online donations.

Louise Mandell - Looping Trip

literature review,  annotated bibliography, and research report on resources found in this collection are also available. 

Oral Testimony Project Video Interviews 

The Honourable Steven Point: Interview Part One - Interview Part Two Interview Transcription

Rosalie Wilson: Interview  - Interview Transcription



UBCIC Photographs
Images of Louise Mandell from the UBCIC Archives  


Tsilhqot'in Case Analysis and Legal Context
Legal Update at the Union of BC Indian Chiefs 44th Annual General Assembly 

Pre-Confederation Treaties of Vancouver Island Conference: Challenges of Treaty Interpretation-2 
Louise Mandell panel presentation begins at 23:56 in the third video from the top

SFU Doctor of Laws, honoris causa 
Convocation speech upon presentation of an honourary degree from Simon Fraser University

UBC First Nations Studies Program Internet Speakers Series 2005: Legal History
Talk on the impact and structuring effects of major court cases on land claims in British Columbia. Click here to download a transcript of the session.

Constitution Express
Interview regarding this Ottawa-bound, cross-country train journey made by Aboriginal activists, community members and others 

UBCIC 34th AGA Legal Update and Discussion (2002-11-14)  

Louise Mandell and Clo Ostrove (Mandell Pinder, LLP) as well as Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson (Legal Counsel for  Haida Nation) provide a legal update of recent court decisions to the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs (UBCIC) 34th Annual General Assembly (AGA) on November 14th, 2002 and engage in a discussion with the Chiefs. 

UBCIC 35th AGA Legal Update (2003-11-05)                       

Clo Ostrove (Mandell Pinder, LLP) and Ardith Walkem provide a legal update of recent court decisions to the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs (UBCIC) 35th Annual General Assembly (AGA) on November 5th, 2005 and engage in a discussion with the Chiefs. 

UBCIC 37th AGA Legal Update And Discussion (2005-10-12)     

Shain Jackson and Charles Douglas (Mandell Pinder, LLP) provide a legal update to the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs (UBCIC) 37th Annual General Assembly (AGA) on October 12th, 2005. 

UBCIC 38th AGA Legal Update and Discussion (2006-09-20) 

Louise Mandell provides a legal update to the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs (UBCIC) 38th Annual General Assembly (AGA) on September 20th, 2006 and engages in a discussion with the Chiefs.

UBCIC 39th AGA Legal Update and Discussion (2007-09-20) 

Louise Mandell and Stacey Edzerza Fox provide a legal update to the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs (UBCIC) 39th Annual General Assembly (AGA) on September 20th, 2007 and engage in a discussion with the Chiefs. 

UBCIC 40th AGA Legal Update and Discussion (2008-09-17)

Louise Mandell, Glen Williams and Peter Grant provide a legal update to the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs (UBCIC) 40th Annual General Assembly (AGA) on September 17th, 2008 and engage in a discussion with the Chiefs.

UBCIC 41st AGA Legal Update and Discussion (2009-09-16)

Louise Mandell (Mandell Pinder, LLP) provides a legal update to the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs (UBCIC) 41st Annual General Assembly (AGA) on September 16th, 2009 and engages in a discussion with the Chiefs.

UBCIC 42nd AGA Legal Update and Discussion (2010-09-15)

Louise Mandell (Mandell Pinder, LLP) provides a legal update to the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs (UBCIC) 42nd Annual General Assembly (AGA) on September 15th, 2010 and engages in a discussion with the Chiefs.

UBCIC 44th AGA Legal Update And Discussion (2012-09-12)

Louise Mandell and Leah Pence (Mandell Pinder LLP) provide a legal update to the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs (UBCIC) 44th Annual General Assembly (AGA) on September 12th, 2012 and engage in a discussion with the Chiefs.


Litigating the Douglas Treaties
Recording of a speech presented at Vancouver Island University as a lead up event to the Pre-Confederation Treaties Conference


Court Cases

Resources related to cases in which Louise Mandell was involved. Click here for a list of court cases arranged by topic.

Court Decisions 
Court decisions, facta, and other legal documents in the First Nations Digital Document Source (FNDDS)

Select cases at the Supreme Court of Canada 
R. v. Sparrow 
R. v. Van der Peet 
Delgamuukw v. British Columbia 
British Columbia (MInister of Forests) v. Okanagan Indian Band 
Haida Nation v. British Columbia (Minister of Forests) 

Delgamuukw BC Supreme Court Trial Transcripts 
A UBC Library digital collection of the historic Supreme Court of British Columbia case

West Coast Oil Port Inquiry Transcripts 
Transcript of 1977 proceedings of the inquiry commissioned by the Government of Canada into oil tanker ports and tanker traffic on the west coast.

Legal Updates & Reports
Reports and transcript of presentations by Louise Mandell and colleagues at UBCIC Chiefs Councils and Annual General Assemblies



Articles by Louise Mandell

"Legal Update – Fishing Cases:  Regina vs Jack, John & John; Regina v. Sampson & Elliot; and Regina v. Little” (Winter 1996) UBCIC Newsletter 7 (with Brenda Gaertner)

What Does It Mean?” (August 1979) UBCIC News 8-9 

Their Act is a Mess: Judge Scolds Fisheries” (September 1979) 2:6 UBCIC News 28 (with Leslie Pinder)

Sovereign Nations: The Legal Case” (November 1980) 3:8 Indian World 31-33

“The Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs Fights Patriation” (1984) 2 Socialist Studies 164-195 

"Indian Nations: Not Minorities" (1986) 27:1 Les Cahiers de Droit 101-121 

“Gitksan-Wet’suwet’en Land Title Action” (1998) 1 Canadian Native Law Reporter 14-72 

“Book Review of B.C. Studies: The British Columbia Quarterly 1998-99, Volume 120 (Special Nisga’a Treaty Issue), edited by Cole Harris and Jean Barman, eds.” (July 2000) 58:4 The Advocate 611-616 

Getting on with Reconciliation: Council of the Haida Nation v. British Columbia and Weyerhaeuser Company” (2002) 5:20 Indigenous Law Bulletin 18-19 

“Offerings to an Emerging Future” in Ardith Walkem & Halie Bruce, eds, Box of Treasures or Empty Box? Twenty Years of Section 35 (Penticton, B.C.: Theytus Books, 2003) pp. 158-174

 Excerpts from “Selecting the Twelve” (Fall 2005) UBC Law Alumni Magazine 23, 28 

“The Ghost” in Maria Morellato, ed, Aboriginal Law Since Delgamuukw (Aurora, Ont.: Canada Law Book, 2009) ch. 4

Reports & Legal Analyses

by Louise Mandell & Mandell Pinder 

Recommended Referendum Ballot: A Legal Analysis February 25, 2002

Speaking Notes of Louise Mandell QC: FNLC Meeting November 25-26, 2008

Aboriginal Title Over the Buffalo Jump: Decision of the British Columbia Court of Appeal in the Tsilhqot’in Case August 23, 2012 

The Delgamuukw Decision January 1998 (Mandell Pinder) 

Specific Claims and Delgamuukw 1999 (Mandell Pinder) 

Osoyoos Indian Band v. Oliver (Town) 2001 SCC 85 December 13, 2001 (Mandell Pinder) 

Ross River Dene Council Band v Canada 2002 SCC 54 October 15, 2002 (Mandell Pinder) 

Case Summary: Wewaykum Indian Band v. Canada (2002), D.L.R. (4th) 1 (S.C.C.) December 9, 2002 (Mandell Pinder) 

Minister of Fisheries and Oceans v. David Suzuki et al., 2012 FCA 40: Overview February 22, 2012 (Mandell Pinder) 

Ross River Dena Council v. Canada (Attorney General), 2012 YKSC 4 February 22, 2012 (Mandell Pinder)

UBCIC Newsletters

Articles with Louise Mandell content from the UBCIC Archives

"Trapline Destroyed - Trapper Sues...” UBCIC News (March 1978) 4 

Lillooet Assert Rights” UBCIC Fishing Bulletin (21 July 1978) 1 

The Northeast News” UBCIC News (August 1978) 18 

DIA Scandal Exposed: Fraud, Negligence, Breach of Turst, Breach of Treaty Charged” UBCIC News (September 1978) 4, 6 

Moose Dies On Doorstep Case: A Landmark Decision” UBCIC News (October 1978) 4 

‘B.C. Forest Products Must Pay Says Kwicksutaineuk’” UBCIC News (November 1978) 15 

Our Rights Can Not Be Limited” UBCIC News (December 1978) 13-16 

Feds Senseless Census” UBCIC News (March 1979) 13 

Editorial” UBCIC News (April 1979) 2 

The Reserve Right to Fish” UBCIC News (April 1979) 4 

Lillooets Assert Rights in Court: Bradley Bob vs The Queen, April 16-20, 1979” UBCIC Fishing Bulletin (20 April 1979) 1 

Province Argues Chilcotin Hunting Rights” UBCIC News (June 1979) 32 

For Herbert Hance” UBCIC News (July 1979) 8 

The Judge Didn’t Show: For Herman Thomas” UBCIC News (July 1979) 8 

Fisheries Break Fisheries Act” UBCIC News (July 1979) 10 

Reserve Right to Fish Confirmed in New Brunswick” UBCIC News (July 1979) 11 

Fishing By-Laws Cowichan’s Next Move” UBCIC News (July 1979) 12 

Darrell Ned “Last Month in Court” UBCIC News (August 1979) 20 

Where O Where is Francis Haines’ Moose?” UBCIC News (December 1979) 9 

Master Tuition Agreement” Indian World (June 1980) 24 

Immigrants Cause Immigration Problems: Kootenay Indian Nation Wins First Round of Immigration Battle” UBCIC Up-Date (July 1984) 5-6 

Fishing Cases Increased for Legal Staff” UBCIC Up-Date (October 1984) 11 

Immigration Cases Still Active in Indian Country”  UBCIC Up-Date (October 1984) 11-12 

Nuxalk Citizen and his Family Arrested in  Lethbridge”  UBCIC Up-Date (October 1984) 12 

Kootenay Nation Handling Their Case Through Diplomatic Channels”  UBCIC Up-Date (October 1984) 12-13 

Non-Payment of Taxes on Indian Lands Makes Chief a Racketeer in the U.S.” UBCIC Up-Date (August 1984) 3 

Political Motivation Behind the Charges” UBCIC Up-Date (August 1984) 3-4 

Indian Governments Have Right to be Heard in Court on Indian Child Custody Cases” UBCIC Up-Date (January 1985)  2 

Nuxalk Citizens Deported” UBCIC Up-Date (January 1985) 3-4 

Provincial Court Judge Decides Federal Fisheries Regulations Supercede Traditional Laws in Kamloops Court Ruling” UBCIC Up-Date (Feburary/March 1985) 2 

Provincial Court Rules Against Indian Treaty Rights in Nanaimo” UBCIC Up-Date (Feburary/March 1985) 8 

Meares Island Intervention Required to Reverse Decision on Aboriginal Title in B.C.” UBCIC Up-Date (Feburary/March 1985)  11-14 

Legal Update - Intervention on Delgamuukw vs The Queen” UBCIC Newsletter (June/July 1992) 3 

Post Secondary Education Report” UBCIC Newsletter (March/April 1992) 3-4, 8 

Congratulations” UBCIC Newsletter (March 1997) 6 

Stoney Creek Intervention” UBCIC Newsletter (Spring 1999) 15 

Campbell’s Referendum Folly Hasn’t a Legal Leg to Stand On” UBCIC Newsletter (Spring 2002) 22-23 

Referendum Questions Seek Mandate to Perpetuate Same Outdated Colonial Relationship” UBCIC Newsletter (Spring 2002) 23


Newspaper Articles

Newspaper articles quoting and/or mentioning Louise Mandell

Tom McMahon, “Women told they still have a long way to go” The Windsor Star (15 March 1974) 5 

Ashland Oil for Vancouver Port” The Portsmouth Times (26 October 1977) 10 

Indians sue federal government” Edmonton Journal (20 September 1978) E15 

Lake spa proposal shelved” The Spokesman-Review (25 March 1979) A18 

Gas poses constant risk to Indian band” The Calgary Herald (6 September 1979) C20 

John Ridsdel “Indians refuse to move, oil wells in jeopardy” The Calgary Herald (18 September 1979) D2 

Indian decision ‘important’” The Vancouver Sun (8 February 1980) A8 

Kathryn Warden, “Indians claim leak damage: Calgary company promises action” The Calgary Herald (3 March 1980) B3 

Well owner plans moves to stop sulphide leaks” Edmonton Journal (4 March 1980) F4 

Company awaits reaction of chiefs” The Leader-Post (5 March 1980) 46 

Indian band victorious in its battle for the return of Indian children” The Leader-Post (18 October 1980) 10 

Indians to file action” The Leader-Post (28 April 1981) A4 

Indians will get separate trils to avoid ‘circus’” The Vancouver Sun (26 August 1981) B2 

B.C. to take Indians to court” Star-Phoenix (14 September 1981) A11 

Indians bolster fund” Star-Phoenix (29 October 1981) D12 

It’ll be ‘black day for natives’” The Vancouver Sun (15 April 1982) A16 

Ron Rose, “Poaching charges revive ‘rights’ issue” The Vancouver Sun (14 January 1983) A11 

Munro eyes legal aid for Indian fishermen” The Vancouver Sun (17 January 1983) A11 

Ron Rose, “‘Kootenay Nation’ tested at hearing” The Vancouver Sun (5 June 1984) A11 

US hearing won’t be fair, says lawyer for Satiacum” The Spokesman-Review (10 July 1984) A12 

Ex-U.S. Indian chief denied bail in B.C.” The Montreal Gazette (11 July 1984) A9 

Satiacum denied bail” Star-Phoenix (11 July 1984) C9 

Possible delay arouses ire at Satiacum hearing” Star-Phoenix (15 September 1984) A6 

Satiacum exercises as lawyers maneuver to obtain his release” Tri City Herald (8 November 1984) B5 

Natives served fines over poached fish” The Vancouver Sun (31 January 1985) A3 

Indian rights in court battle” The Ladysmith-Chemainus Chronicle (17 April 1985) 10 

Court rulings worry natives” Star-Phoenix (1 November 1985) B9 

Court decision will help native issues” The Ottawa Citizen (25 July 1986) A5 

"Claims on island unresolved” Star-Phoenix (6 December 1986) A13 

Ottawa may buy disputed island” Star-Phoenix (11 December 1986) B10

 “Lawyer says title a federal issue” The Spokesman-Review (18 December 1986) A13 

“We wont lose says Guujaaw after Supreme Court appearance” QCI Observer (26 March 2004) online 

Chiefs’ union hails night hunting ruling” The Vancouver Sun (22 December 2006) online

 “B.C. First Nation can hunt at night: Supreme Court” CBC News (21 December 2006) online 

Divided court allows Natives to hunt at night” Star-Phoenix (22 December 2006) online 

Business leaders don’t like Liberal plans for native ‘Recognition Act’” The Vancouver Sun (11 March 2009) online 

Stefania Moretti, “B.C. First Nations oppose Enbridge oil pipeline” The London Free Press (24 March 2010) online 

Nine to receive honorary degrees” SFU News (29 March 2012) online 

Jeffrey Jones, “Analysis - Enbridge’s Gateway pipeline still in legal swamp” Reuters (9 April 2012) online


Other Publications & Papers

Links to other articles, reports and papers relevant to Louise Mandell and her court cases. Click here for a list of articles arranged by topic.

Journal Articles 

Michael Asch, "The Judicial Conceptualization of Culture after Delgamuukw and Van der Peet" (2000) 5:2 Review of Constitutional Studies 119-137

Russel Lawrence Barsh & James Youngblood Henderson, “The Supreme Court’s Van der Peet Trilogy: Naive Imperialism and Ropes of Sand” (1997) 42:4 McGill Law Journal 993-1009 

Peggy J. Blair, “No Middle Ground: Ad Medium Filum Aquae, Aboriginal Fishing Rights, and the Supreme Court of Canada’s Decisions in Nikal and Lewis” (2001) 31:3 Revue Generale de Droit 515-597 

Peggy J. Blair, “Settling the Fisheries: Pre-Confederation Crown Policy in Upper Canada and the Supreme Court’s decisions in R. v. Nikal and Lewis” (2001) 31:1 Revue Generale de Droit 87-172 

John Borrows, "Sovereignty's Alchemy: an Analysis of Delgamuukw v. British Columbia" (1999) 37:3 Osgoode Hall Law Journal 537-596 

C. Rebecca Brown & James I. Reynolds, “Aboriginal Title to Sea Spaces: A Comparative Study” (2004) 37:1 UBC Law Review 449-493 

Canadian Institute of Resources Law, Resources: The Newsletter of the Canadian Institute of Resources Law, no. 62, Spring 1998 
Includes: “Delgamuukw and Natural Resource Allocation Decisions” by John Donihee ;  “Defining the Boundaries of Aboriginal Title after Delgamuukw” by S. Bradley Armstrong ; and “Delgamuukw Confirms Broad Aboriginal Rights over Resources” by David Schulze 

Kirsten Matoy Carlson, “Does Constitutional Change Matter? Canada’s Recognition of Aboriginal Title” (2005) 22:3 Arizona Journal of International & Comparative Law 449-503 

Gordon Christie, "Delgamuukw and the Protection of Aboriginal Land Interests" (2001) 32:1 Ottawa Law Review 85-115 

Julie Cruikshank, “Invention of Anthropology in British Columbia’s Supreme Court: Oral Tradition as Evidence in Delgamuukw v. B.C." (1992) 95 BC Studies 25-42 

Dara Culhane, “Adding Insult to Injury: Her Majesty’s Loyal Anthropologist” (1992) 95 BC Studies 66-92 

Gurston Dacks, "British Columbia after the Delgamuukw Decision: Land Claims and other Processes" (2002) 28:2 Canadian Public Policy 239-255 

Robin Fisher, "Judging History: Reflections on the Reasons for Judgment in Delgamuukw v. BC" (1992) 95 BC Studies 43-54 

Gordon Gibson, “A Short History of BC’s Native Land Claims” (June 2002) Fraser Forum 7-10 

Diana Ginn, “Indian Hunting Rights: Dick v. R., Jack and Charlie v. R. and Simon v. R.” (1986) 31:3 McGill Law Review 527-550 

Peter R. Grant, “The Tenth Anniversary of Delgamuukw v. The Queen: Two Legacies" Peter Grant & Associates 

John Hurley,  “The Crown’s Fiduciary Duty and Indian Title: Guerin v. The Queen” (1985) 30 McGill Law Journal 559-602 

Thomas Isaac & Anthony Knox, “The Crown’s Duty to Consult Aboriginal People” (2003) 41:1 Alberta Law Review 49-72 

Paul Joffe, "Assessing the Delgamuukw Principles: National Implications and Potential Effects in Quebec" (2000) 45 McGill Law Journal 155-208 

Alexandra Kent, "The Van der Peet Test: Constitutional Recognition or Constitutional Restriction" (2012) 3:2 The Arbutus Review 20-36

Kent McNeil, “Aboriginal Title and Aboriginal Rights: What’s the Connection?" (1997) 36:1 Alberta Law Review 117-121 

Kent McNeil, “The Onus of Proof of Aboriginal Title” (1999) 37:4 Osgoode Hall Law Journal 775-803

Kent McNeil, Defining Aboriginal Rights in the 90's: Has the Supreme Court Finally Got it Right?Toronto: Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies, 1998. 

Candice Metallic & Patricia Monture-Angus, "Domestic Laws versus Aboriginal Visions: An Analysis of the Delgamuukw Decision" (2002) 1:2 Borderlands E-Journal 

Antonia Mills, “Cultural Contrast: The British Columbia Court’s Evaluation of the Gitksan-Wet’suwet’en and Their Own Sense of Self-Worth as Revealed in Cases of Reported Reincarnation” (1994) 104 BC Studies 149-172 

Eric H. Reiter, “Fact, Narrative, and the Judicial Uses of History: Delgamuukw and Beyond” (2010) 8:1 Indigenous Law Journal 55-79 

Robin Ridington, “Fieldwork in Courtroom 53: A Witness to Delgamuukw v. B.C.” (1992) 95 BC Studies 12-24

Lori Ann Roness & Kent McNeil "Legalizing Oral History: Proving Aboriginal Claims in Canadian Courts" 39:3 Journal of the West 66-74 

Leonard I. Rotman, “Crown-Native Relations as Fiduciary: Reflections Almost Twenty Years After Guerin” (2003) 22 The Windsor Yearbook of Access to Justice 363-396 

Bruce Ryder, "Aboriginal Rights and Delgamuukw v. The Queen" (Winter 1994) 5 Constitutional Forum 43 

Brian Scarfe, “After Delgamuukw: Valuing Resource Tenures in British Columbia” (2000) 8:1 Canadian Business Economics 50-61 

Jean R. Sorensen, “Section 35: UBC Alumni Bring Forward Landmark Aboriginal Rights Cases” (Winter 2008) UBC Law Alumni Magazine 4-15 

Lisa Strelein, “‘Beliefs, Feelings and Justice’ Delgamuukw v British Columbia: A Judicial Consideration of Indigenous Peoples’ Rights in Canada” (1998) 22 Land, Rights, Laws: Issues of Native Title 1-8 

Chris Tollefson, “Costs and the Public Litigant: Okanagan Indian Band and Beyond” (2006) 19:1 Canadian Journal of Administrative Law & Practice 39-61 

Union of BC Indian Chiefs, UBCIC Update, Newsletter & News: Special “Sparrow/Meech Lake” Issue (July 1990) 

Dora Wilson-Kenni, “Time of Trial: The Gitksan and Wet’suwet’en in Court” (1992) 95 BC Studies 7-11


Jane Allain & Jean-Denis Frechette, The Aboriginal Fisheries and the Sparrow Decision October 1993 

Mary C. Hurley, Aboriginal Title: The Supreme Court of Canada Decision in Delgamuukw v. British Columbia January 1998; Revised February 2000

Maria Morellato, The Crown's Constitutional Duty to Consult and Accommodate Aboriginal Treaty Rights February 2008


Pamela Joanne Bush, See You In Court: Native Indians and the Law in British Columbia, 1969-1985 (M.A.) University of British Columbia, 1987 

Melanie Chartier, The Crown's Duty to Consult with First Nations (LL.M.) University of British Columbia, 2001

Dara Culhane, Delgamuukw and the People Without Culture: Anthropology and the Crown (Ph.D.) Simon Fraser University, 1995 

Aaron Blake Evans, Frozen Fish Rights: A Socio-Legal Analysis of R. v. Gladstone, R. v. Van der Peet R. v. N.T.C. Smokehouse (at the Supreme Court of Canada, 1995-96) (M.A.) Simon Fraser University, 1998 

Katherine Anne Leishman, Lessons from Delgamuukw v. The Queen: The Comparative Potential of Litigation and Negotiation to Resolve Aboriginal Rights Conflicts (M.A.) University of Victoria, 1996 

Carol Elizabeth Murray, Oral History and the Delgamuukw Case (M.A.) University of Alberta, 1993 

Richard Dale Pesklevits, Customary Law, the Crown and the Common Law: Ancient Legal Islands in the Post-Colonial Stream (LL.M.) University of British Columbia, 2002

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Maureen Ann Simpkins, After Delgamuukw: Aboriginal Oral Tradition as Evidence in Aboriginal Rights and Title Litigation (Ph.D.) University of Toronto, 2000 

Tim Solnick, Power, Resistance and the Law in a British Columbia Land Title Trial (M.A.) University of British Columbia, 1992 

Karilyn Toovey, Decolonizing or Recolonizing: Indigenous Peoples and the Law in Canada (M.A.) University of Victoria, 2005 

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Patrick Walker, Crown-Aboriginal Fiduciary Relationships: False Optimism or Realistic Expectations?(LL.M.) University of British Columbia, 1992

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