About the BC Specific Claims Working Group

The BC Specific Claims Working Group (BCSCWG) is a group of Indigenous leaders and specific claims technicians who advocate for the fair and just resolution of BC specific claims. We also raise the profile of specific claims on the national political agenda.

The BCSCWG was created by a resolution of the UBCIC Chiefs Council in May 2013 (READ THE UBCIC RESOLUTION).

The BCSCWG joins its voice with those of BC Indigenous Nations, who have long called for a truly independent specific claims process that eliminates Canada’s conflict of interest and fully recognizes and integrates Indigenous laws.


Specific Claims in BC

Almost half of all specific claims in Canada come from BC Indigenous Nations. The unique circumstances of BC Nations must be understood and addressed in specific claims reform. [more info]

BCSCWG Resources

The BCSCWG produces in-depth, evidence-based studies and reports on current critical issues in specific claims. [more info]

Updates from the BCSCWG

The working group sends out regular updates to UBCIC members and the Title and Rights Alliance listserv. These updates describe the work of the BCSCWG and current events related to specific claims policy. [more info]


To find out more about the BCSCWG or about specific claims in BC or nationally, please email us at [email protected]