Final Resolutions - Chiefs Council June 2018

JUNE 27TH TO 28TH, 2018

2018- 20 Child Welfare Legislation to Affirm the Rights of First Nations Self-Determination and to Reduce the Number of First Nations Children in Care - PDF

2018-21 UBCIC Appointment to BC Aboriginal Justice Council - PDF

2018-22 FNFC Submission to the Minister of Transport Canada re Navigation Protection Act Review - PDF

2018-23 FNFC Coalition Submission to the Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans regarding the Fisheries Act Review - PDF

2018-24 Support for Intervention in Ahousaht Nation v. Canada - PDF

2018-25 Support for Further Study on the Targeted Management of Seal and Sea Lion Populations - PDF

2018-26 Ensuring Tripartite Engagement on Education is Consistent with UN Declaration and TRC Calls to Action - PDF

2018-27 UBCIC Intervention in Gitanyow - PDF

2018-28 UBCIC Appointment to BC First Nations Gaming Commission - PDF

2018-29 Support for the First Nations Public Service Secretariat - PDF

2018-30 Recommendations for a Recognition and Implementation of Rights Framework - PDF

2018-31 Transition of BC First Nations Health Benefits to PharmaCare Plan W BC - PDF

2018-32 Support-in-Principle for Tripartite Memorandum of Understanding between the First Nations Leadership Council, Indigenous Services Canada, and Emergency Management BC/BC Wildfire Service - PDF

2018-33 Medical Student Education Funding - PDF

2018-34 Support for Indigenous Tourism BC - PDF

2018-35 Calling on Oil companies to pay Climate Change Costs -  PDF

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