UBCIC Publications

The BC Indian Position Paper, Draft Copy (before August 14, 1970)

The BC Indian Position Paper, Draft Copy (August 14, 1970)

A Declaration of Indian Rights: The BC Indian Position Paper (November 17, 1970)

The Lands We Lost: A History of Cut-off Lands and Land Losses from Indian Reserves in British Columbia by Reuben Ware, UBCIC (1974)

What are Cut-off Lands? UBCIC (1974)

Our Homes Are Bleeding: A Short History of Indian Reserves, by Reuben Ware, UBCIC (1975)

UBCIC Declaration (May 17, 1976) 

Federal Recognition of Indian Fishing Rights in British Columbia, by Barbara and Robert B. Lane, UBCIC (1978)

Aboriginal Rights Position Paper, UBCIC (1978)

Aboriginal Rights Position Paper, UBCIC (1980)

Aboriginal Rights Resource Kit (1980)

Aboriginal Title and Rights Position Paper, UBCIC (1985)

The Indian Act & What It Means, UBCIC (1988)

The Sechelt Act & What It Means, UBCIC (1988)

Indian Water Rights in British Columbia: A Handbook, UBCIC (1991)

Aboriginal Title: Implementation, UBCIC (1998)

Certainty: Canada's Struggle to Extinguish Aboriginal Title, UBCIC (1998)

Fish Farms, Zero Tolerance: Indian Salmon Don't Do Drugs, UBCIC (1998)

Modern Land Claim Agreements: Through the Nisga'a Looking Glass, UBCIC (1998)

Nisga'a Agreement: Plain Language Summary, UBCIC (1998)

Chief Kerry's Moose: A Guidebook to Land Use and Occupancy Mapping, Research Design and Data Collection, UBCIC and Ecotrust Canada (2000)

The Corbiere Ruling, UBCIC (2000)

Union of BC Indian Chiefs' Initial Response: Canada's Civil Society Consultations for the World Conference Against Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance 2001, UBCIC (2000)

Calling Forth Our Future: Options for the Exercise of Indigenous People's Authority in Child Welfare, UBCIC (2002)

A Short Commentary on Land Claims in BC, Dr. Bruce Miller (2003)

The Evolution of British Columbia's Heritage Environment: An Overview and Discussion of First Nations Issues, UBCIC (2003)

Stolen Lands, Broken Promises: Researching the Indian Land Question in BC – An Introduction to Research Strategies and Archival Research for Band Researchers, UBCIC (2005)

Recovery and Renewal – Reclaiming Indigenous Citizenship (2012)

UBCIC Heritage Conservation ActionPlan (2012)

First Nations Heritage Planning Toolkit (2013) 

True, Lasting Reconciliation (2018)

The Impacts of Bill C-58 on First Nations’ Access to Information (2019)

Elder Abuse Guide (2019)

Documentary Films

The Land is the Culture: A Case for BC Indian Land Claims / produced by Fred Cawsey, Keith Bradbury & Gundar Lipsbergs for UBCIC (1975)

Sinumwack: Bella Coola Oolichan Run / directors and producers: James Bizzocchi and Peter Kellington for UBCIC (1978)

We'll Do Our Fishing / directors and producers: James Bizzocchi and Peter Kellington for UBCIC (1978)

Hat Creek / Director: James Bizzocchi ; Producer: Steven Basil for UBCIC (1979)







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